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Natsa Klubi

Natsaklubi – The place to go if you like dancing and if you are a fan of "Classic Rock" music and especially live music. Some of the bands at Natsa stage were active in those years, others started later but have included that "Oldies Goldies" and "Classic Rock" music heritage in their repertoire.
Natsaklubi is situated in Kasarmikatu 40, downtown Helsinki, easy to access by tram or by foot. (map >)

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Band of the month on stage:

Eero Raittinen & Hustle Fuzz Band

2. December, 2017:

Eero Raittinen

EERO & Hustle Fuzz plays and sings roots music. New and old. This very professional band and it's singer Eero are very popular in Finland even among young generation. Eero can hit to the heart of the Finnish Rock'n'Roll, blues and jazz lovers and why not as well to yours? You may know many of the songs heard during the evening. Come and enjoy!

Tickets: 20€ from > or directly at the entrance of the venue.
Natsaklubi is situated in Kasarmikatu 40, downtown Helsinki (map >)

Music starts at 18:00 by DJ Mikke Stenberg.

And you are most welcome!

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